Lawyer & Mediator
•   Bachelor Degree in Law at the Faculty of Law and Sociology of the "Transilvania" University Brasov – class of 2005;
•   Masters degree in Community Law at the Faculty of Law and Sociology of the "Transilvania" University Brasov – class of 2007;
•   Authorized mediator after graduating the course of the Craiova Mediation Center – year 2009;
•   Member of the Brasov Bar Association from 2007.

Simbotin Ioan Coming from a family with an old name in the field - where his father, IOAN SIMBOTIN (pictured above) was a known and appreciated judge and then a lawyer, and benefiting besides the experience in legal field asimilated through contineus practice since the faculty years, along with his father, his more recent training as a mediator, successfully contributes to achieving the clients' interests, amicably, through negotiations, and when not possible, through their representation before court.

His training as a mediator leverages the work of lawyer held in the negotiations and conciliations, and representation in non-adversarial procedures.

 Simbotin Ioan

Over the years, and by developing contacts, with a wide and varied range of clients, youth has blended with experience, and at this point "Simbotin Remus" Law Office - Brasov has a diversified portfolio and offers legal advice, assistance and representation in court or outside it, both to natural and legal persons.

To assist your needs, our law office has established partnerships with public notaries, bailiffs, offices of experts from various fields of activity and other independent professionals.

In addition, the services of "Simbotin Remus" Law Office - Brasov always include a safety system of the customers' private information and a periodical reporting system, through which the clients receive an informational report on the activities and projects in progress, or information with legal valence.