First registartion and pollution car tax recovery
Law Office coordinated "Simbotin Remus and Simbotin Ramona", on his premises can benefit from consulting services, legal assistance and representation in front of both fiscal and in front of the court in order to recover the special charge of first registration, the pollution tax and the resulting difference between the special tax and first registration fee of pollution.
Natural or legal persons who paid the first registration fee or special tax car pollution may seek reimbursement of the taxes, illegal incasta the Romanian state.
For these people to support our attorney's office will provide the framework and logistics, as well as relevant departments of our lawyers specialize in this procedure.
Romanian state has no interest to give up a source of money to the budget, even if unlawful, as long as no population pressure is probably too busy with daily concerns in this recession. Attitude must be taken by the authorities indifference and we must exert the right to act in state court when wrong. Is more than a right, a civic obligation.
So those who have paid special first registration tax (tax in force in 1 January 2007 to 30 June 2008), and the pollution tax you paid (effective after June 30, 2008), please contact our office law to receive all necessary information for recovery initiation fee.
You do not have any risk, every effort will be made by us.